Symbols of the Wonderverse

 The Swastika

An ancient symbol used by many cultures for many thousands of years before the Nazis even existed. One of the swastika’s oldest uses is seen carved in the pyramid(s) of Ethiopia/Africa. In some earlier uses, it was even used on American products.

In antiquity, it’s a symbol meaning “good luck” or “good fortune,” but it also has other meanings/uses as with many ancient symbols, a few more are below:

• Was also an ancient solar symbol used to represent the sun/stars and their cycle throughout the ages.

• Was woven into clothing of the “Black” Indians/Natives in pre-1800s as documented by Tolagbe Ogunleye in “The Unconquered” and can be seen below:

The Eye of Heru/Horus

A symbol most know as the “All seeing eye”. It is an ancient symbol used to represent the Pineal Gland, aka “the third eye” or 6th Chakra. Representing the concept of Nehast, it is used as a symbol of awakening to Divine Consciousness. It has many symbolic meanings (healing, rebirth, resurrection, etc.) and is used for protection when worn.

[Not to be confused with the Eye of Ra (seen below), which has other meanings]

The Eye of Heru was also used as a reference point to the brain as well as the physical senses.

The Infinity/Cobra 

The infinity symbol is another ancient symbol that can be found among the hieroglyphs. Among other things, it’s been used to represent infinite possibilities, eternal wholeness, unity, as well as the Sun and it’s perpetual energy.

The cobra is used to represent power, inner strength, and wisdom.

The Sun

The life-giver of the multiverse. No life would exist on Earth or anywhere throughout the boundless universes without it.

Most think the Sun is a giant ball of fire, but it is actually of ball of plasma energy.

This ball of energy has many uses and benefits. It helps provide the body with most of its vitamin D, which can help fight off viruses. It also — if you’ll believe it — is used as a power source for extraterrestrial spaceships, which require vast amounts of energy.

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