New Earth: Synopsis

Frank has been living a peaceful life with his family since the Great Civil War ended 25 years ago. Upon returning home from a reunion with his war veteran friends, a large explosion knocks Frank unconscious.

Awakening a week later, to Frank’s surprise, he discovers that his house has been incinerated and the forests around him are ablaze. What’s even more shocking? His body is different somehow, and now has abilities that, even as a child, he could only dream of.

With the true extent of the explosion unknown, Frank sets off to look for any survivors. While on this trek, he is joined by 3 peculiar ravens. Whom he quickly learns are far more knowledgeable about what’s happening on the plane(t) than even him.

Following the guidance of the ravens and his new abilities, that not even he knows the potential of, Frank is able to make his way over to the next forest where he finds a young green-skinned girl, Imani, trapped within a living forest.

After rescuing her, the group escapes the treacherous forest to the next state where they find a camp with other survivors. Frank tells them of his journey thus far, and together he and his new allies decide to head west, hoping there they will find out what’s truly happening on this New Earth.


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